Our product

The Bierkieper is the product for beer drinking in the Netherlands. With this product you can tip over your beer crate in one go. In addition, it is a multifunctional product that can be used as a seat. 

You can also have it personalized with your house, club and association logo or name. View the photo below for the options.
The product is made from the residual material from rejected cargo bikes. It is edited in a sheltered workshop in Groningen.
Are you a student and do you have a lot of crates at home containing half-full beers? Then buy the beer tipper as a true memento of your student days!

Material and sustainability

To make a sustainable product, we looked for a large amount of residual material, and we found it! Our Bierkieper are made of robust concrete plywood that was left over from the company called Bakfiets.nl. They made the boxes for their cargo bikes from this. In order to collect the material, we and the whole team took the bins apart one day and transported them to our company in Groningen. You can see how we did that in the video below.

  • Starting at the beginning

    The Bierkieper originated from a common problem, especially by students, that we noticed with the members of our company. The problem starts with the fact that the bottle vending machine in the supermarket does not accept crates that still contain half-full beer bottles. Now most people drink their beer empty, but if the crates with empty bottles are put outside, they naturally rain full.

    Until now, each bottle had to be emptied by hand, which of course takes a long time and is not a fun job. To solve this problem, we immediately started designing and   the Bierkieper is the result! Below you can read how we make it.

Collecting materials at Bakfiets.nl

The production process

We largely outsource the production process to sheltered workshops Iederz in Groningen. They use a modern CNC milling machine that mills the slots at the bottom of De Bierkieper, this is all computer controlled and therefore done quickly and efficiently! If you choose to have a logo, name or checkerboard on your Bierkieper, we will engrave this for you with a laser cutter. This is the most sustainable option and so the Bierkieper stays beautiful for a long time.