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The Bierkieper is the product to empty your crates with beer bottles that are still (half) full with leftovers of beer or rainwater in one go! The Bierkieper is made of concrete plywood. 
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The Bierkieper is made of concrete plywood that comes from rejected bins for cargo bikes from We use this to recycle the concrete plywood that would otherwise be seen as waste and would be destroyed. Betonplex is sheet material to which an epoxy finish has been applied.

Shipping and Returns

You can pick up your Bierkieper(s) at the pick-up address you choose during checkout. You can also choose to have the product delivered at home, but then the shipping costs are for you. Only a Basic Bierkieper can be returned, a personalized one cannot. The costs of return are for you.


The Bierkieper is 410.5mm by 310.5mm, so it fits on almost any beer crate.

Usage Advice

The Bierkieper remains in the best condition if you rinse it with water after use and let it dry at room temperature.